• Research the structure and function of microalgae and microbial communities in ecosystems.
  • Research and production of microbial products for environmental pollution treatment.
  • Research and develop biotechnology to treat wastewater, solid waste, and exhaust gases.
  • Research and develop methods for analyzing environmental, biological and food samples.

  • Research on environmental toxicological analysis methods to assessenvironmental risks to humans and ecosystems.

  • Research, improve and manufacture environmental analysis equipment.
  • Research and development of electric grid and microgrid, and renewable energy complex.

  • Research and development of solar energy, wind energy and renewable energy systems.

  • Research and development of energy storage technologies and renewable energy sources.

  • Research and development of energy storage technologies.
  • Research on energy security and sustainable development.
  • Research and development of smart energy systems for industrial and agricultural.

  • Research and development of efficient energy and energy-saving practices.
  • Prepare national planning and other planning.
  • Investigate, research, evaluate and forecast environmental quality.
  • Research and apply environmentally friendly technology solutions in environmental management, treatment and monitoring.
  • Applying technological solutions in waste circulation, aiming for net zero emissions.

Research scientific basis and develop advanced science and technology in:

  • Treating chemical, microbiological and odor pollution in the air using photocatalysis, electrochemical activation solutions, absorbent materials andnew catalytic materials.

  • Treat water for domestic use and production wastewater by Ozonation, Fenton reaction, SBR, MBR, improved biological filtration, and combined AAO methods.

  • Treat medical solid waste and toxic waste by incineration, carbonization, and treat livestock waste with appropriate microorganisms.

  • Research, manufacture and apply advanced materials to ensure biological safety for humans and animals, treating production and living environment pollution, adsorbent materials used to store important industrial gases, nanomaterials for industrial applications, filter materials used in environmental treatment andfood industry.

  • Research, manufacture and application of membrane equipment in environmental treatment and food technology, air disinfection and deodorization equipment in locations containing wastewater, solid waste from production and daily life.


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